Who is tobey maguire dating

Both fits consisted of trusted Leo staples: saggy jeans that almost fit, a utilitarian zip-up bomber jacket, sneakers (runners for Maguire, suede slip-ons for Leo), and, naturally, sunglasses (a necessity for incognito A-listers).The whole vibe was very "sporty narc," which is not the way you want dress for a date/meet up/hang/whatever a casual get together with a stunning model is called.The source tells Radar that Demi reached out to Tobey after the news of his split from Jennifer, and that ““Demi is still a sexy, attractive woman, and Tobey is just her type — younger, smart and kind of goofy. She’s very lonely these days and looking for someone to share her life with. ” Neither Demi nor Tobey have confirmed they’re doing anything with each other, so this could literally just be some fanfic created by a bored intern at Radar. Sure, the Pussy Posse handbook states that all boners should be aimed at 20-year-old bikini models, but Demi counts.Some parts of her are in their 20s and she may not technically be a bikini model, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a pro at taking bikini selfies.

Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer called it quits on their 9-year marriage almost two months ago and one would naturally assume that his triumphant return to the Pussy Posse would last the better part of a year.

If the low end of the sartorial effort scale is Di Caprio here and the high end is Jared Leto in head-to-toe Gucci, you want to be somewhere in the middle.

And make sure you check on what your buddy's wearing before leaving the house.

(His long list of exes includes Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, and, most recently, Nina Agdal, to name a few.) Now the actor appears to have a new love interest, and she's actually a brunette this time—but she's still a model. A witness said the pair "seem like an item" and Leo tried to make a low-key exit with "his hat over his eyes." The two were also reportedly spotted visiting Mo MA PS1 together, and Rae was also seen riding Citi Bikes with the actor last week.

According to Rae has yet to respond to the dating rumors, but a rep for Di Caprio said, "They're not dating." But if they are, in fact, together, she wouldn't be the actor's first dark-haired lady.

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